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  1. Yeah, i already started working on it. Thanks! ?
  2. So if i understand that right i need to basically create my own scroll view? Like i draw all strings under each other and when i scroll i just change their drawing position?
  3. Hey, i want to know how i can create a GUI with a lot of text, the text should be scrollable though because its really long.
  4. The server is a normal server running plugins, i don't want to handle those items on the server i want to simply cancel the event on the client side, you hold the item with the mod and the mod does not send the right click to the server if you right click, i already tried just using setCancelled(true) but that only stops the block placement but it still sends the right click to the server. Or is the problem because the other right click events that are used from other items make it so that setCancelled sets itself to false?
  5. ? But i want to completely prevent the client to sent the right click to the server.
  6. Hm thats unfortunate. Ill look through my packages to find out if i set it to false somewhere. Normally i develop plugins for Spigot but i needed a small change.
  7. Yes i tried that but that does not prevent the event. (Maybe because i have multiple right click events in multiple packages?)
  8. Yes, but i want to prevent the server event like if i click the block the server plugin opens a gui but i want to prevent that event being sent to the server and just use the right click on the side end.
  9. I should probably mention that i am using Forge for 1.12.2
  10. @Mod.EventBusSubscriber public class SelectionEventHandler { @SubscribeEvent public void onRightClickBlock(PlayerInteractEvent.RightClickBlock event) {} } Basically this is the event. I removed the if statements in the event because i don't think they help you in any way because its basically just location checking etc.
  11. Hey, i am creating a mod for a plugin server where you can select blocks with right click, but i only want to use the right click on the client side and don't want to send the right click to the server. How can i achieve this? Example: User clicks at block, mod opens a GUI. (Server does as well but should not)
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