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  1. Hey, i tried many ways. and it says my friend can't join and i can join please help me Logs https://pastebin.com/eA0NtS6F
  2. Hello, i have a lot of mods in my modpack, it kinda got a lag spikes. Ram isn't a problem is kinda mod/mods doing this. Does anyone knows how to fix these problems? lag spikes in modpack and stuff like that and any there that reduces lag spikes?
  3. U can check here https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/tinkers-construct/files
  4. I didn't rename TConstruct? i downloaded like this
  5. I have 8 GB, The Ram isn't a problem My other modpacks works well but not this one. I got mods from curseforge.
  6. Hello I'm using 1.12.2 I see everytime crashes plese help https://pastebin.com/W5BtmKnH
  7. Hello, i tried many ways to fix it but it dosen't fix it Here's the error https://pastebin.com/0DAcEe8F Please someone helps me fast
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