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  1. debug.log Here you go I hope this is the right one Idk what ur asking about signature i hope this is is V Sorry for the inconvinence if it isn't it i coudnt seem to find what signature means When using the Mojang launcher both of these files are found in .minecraft\logs and should be posted using Pastebin or GitHub Gists, where possible use the upload button rather than copy-pasting the contents of the file. Note: Gist accepts larger files than Pastebin, if logs are massive use Gist. Do NOT use sites like mediafire, dropbox, onedrive, or, god forbid, a site that has a countdown before offering downloads.
  2. Every time i try to load forge it crashes ive tried removing mods and everything Error: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Display not created crash log.txt Will appreciate the help thanks let me know if you need more info!
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