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  1. After learning how to work with predicates I was able to set the block only to render as Cutout and Translucent, that removed the strange behavior documented above. Here is the code for anyone interested: private void clientSetup(final FMLClientSetupEvent event) { RenderTypeLookup.setRenderLayer(BlockInit.TANK.get(), (layer) -> layer == RenderType.getCutout() || layer == RenderType.getTranslucent()); }
  2. Hello, I have a block that contains Translucent and Cutout parts, I've created the blockstate, model and changed the render layer to accept any renderType. Unfortunately the block only renders properly on my inventory, when placed on the ground the block renders all parts correctly but also contains a cube with the missing texture around it. Here is the code for the model: { "textures": { "0": "block/iron_block", "1": "cranknika:blocks/tank_glass", "2": "block/white_concrete", "3": "cranknika:blocks/water_still", "particle": "block/iron_block" }, "displ
  3. Hey TheXFactor, did you move the code to somewhere else? I wanted to look at some code examples with multiple structure blocks in only one structure but the link that you posted is no longer available. Do you know other tutorials/code that can help me?
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