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  1. ok so I did a output log for the launcher and look at this does this help you guys at all ?
  2. do you guys know how to get the debug.log to be created ? because if its the process of downloading the mods that you get from the start up screen I can't get it due to the error message showing up before then preventing me from even loading up the game with forge.
  3. Actually I can get to the folder and extract from it however the game still does not work and I'm not exactly sure where to put the folder
  4. I did it and the exact same error still came up and I can't post the full log I believe because I don't have the debug.log in my logs folder or anywhere for that matter the strange thing is though is that I'm using the official installer also when I made a new folder it still came up with the same error message when I directed it to that folder also where is that folder supposed to be is it supposed to be in desktop or what ?
  5. so you want me to delete the entire versions folder and re run the forge installer is that correct ?
  6. ok how do I do that and what do I do with that folder ?
  7. It also says target directory doesn't exist once I put this in %AppData%\.minecraft\libraries\net\minecraftforge\forge\1.12.2-
  8. When I do it it says an error has occured extracting the files forge-1.12.2-
  9. there is 1 folder but inside of it is nothing however that might be because I was deleting some forges.
  10. https://pastebin.com/Jm4Jtm29 here is the paste bin
  11. I believe I do let me get git hub or paste bin rq
  12. oops that's the windows installer I used the installer one http://adfoc.us/serve/?id=27122867254755
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