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  1. Your PM is blocked. If I see you on the irc I will provide you the link that way.
  2. I will prepare a link for you and PM it. Other things that might differ are * the java version. I'm currently running 64bit Recommended is probably 7u4. But would be a bit strange if forge was pushing the envelop when it comes to java features, or? * lwjgl, I have a diffuse memory of that I about a month or so ago looked into updating the lwjgl ... but I think I came to the conclusion that 2.8.3 was the same as MC vanilla came with in 1.2.5
  3. TestCase 1 1. New instance in MultiMC 2. Run once -- OK 3. Add .131 into jar mods 4. Run once -- OK 5. Adding BC3.1.5 into mods folder 6. Run once -- OK (7 mods loaded) 7. Adding Forestry 14.6.2 8. Run once -- OK (9 mods reported as loaded, Forestry got 1 child mod) 9. Adding IC2 1.95b 10. Running. Failed. (Same error) Strange... On my way to work. I might have the time tonight to try out a non MultiMC setup. EDIT 1: Spelling error
  4. Trying with .131, same error still. Strange. What else could be different between our setups? I run MultiMC... and I have made changes to the configs to set different Block IDs and to avoid multiple ore... hm... Trying to remove all configs to get new ones generated.
  5. The following mods are installed In jar: Only Forge. In Mods: BC 3.15 (all modules) Forestry (also tried with same result) IC2 1.95b I'm also using MultiMC (Rebuilding the jar between forge changes). If I use forge up to and including .126 they all load and I reach the MC title screen .127 up to and including .130 gives the following error during start-up EDIT 1: Added to the incomplete title EDIT 2: Clarified when the error appears
  6. What you didn't try: Get rid of ModLoader Forge comes bundled with its own "Modloader" called FML (since about v114 or so).
  7. It probably is FML related since it happens under startup and last reference is for the onTick functions. I'll see if I can post it over at FML. Tnx!
  8. Just to clarify for myself to avoid me posting issues that you have no interest in. a) Do you want bug reports on non "recommended builds" versions of forge? b) If so, do you want interaction bugs/issues with other mods? The Topic pinned post clearly states that "This is NOT a forum for other mods...". As an example my first post was a "problem with my 4096 fix", should it not have been posted here? Since the 4096 is a .jar mod it might then fall under the "Do not speak about any mod that is stupid enough to edit base files without using Forge that, as such, is incompatible wit
  9. Hey! tnx for the swift answer. (Love the new Mod list at the titlescreen thing btw) Tnx, that gives me something to investigate and mess around with! Is there a 4096 fixing thing out there that does not conflict or is it more a matter of waiting for this one to be updated?
  10. Hello, I was updating some mods for one of my worlds in which I have been playing for a couple of days. My previous setup was Modloader and Forge v107. I use a lot of addons but everything was tugging along. I Thought that I would try out the latest release to check if it was just to ditch the ModLoader and carry on with my earlier saved world. I am using MultiMC to help out with keeping setups separated which of course may affect the outcome. MC starts as it should, Everythings to be loaded., I load the save game and goes into "Saving Chunks". Log below. I started to
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