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  1. now, due to me not being able to customize all of the particles, there are too many particles for my 5gb allocated ram. updating to 1.12.2 is extremely time consuming and there is a big chance a lot of my favorite mods arnt available because the dev left them behind. ill look into it but not now
  2. how to install it into it then. i need it otherwise i cant play in my world
  3. ok i think its optifine causing the not loading thing...
  4. i am going to keep everything exept MOARsigns, as i need uptifine to make it playable. if i keep that lib, it works so thank you.
  5. ok it seems like i cant paste the log in pastebin. tell me what to search for in the logs and ill put it here
  6. ok ill try that and ill try to launch the game now
  7. im trying to create a pastebin rn with the log as this forum cant rlly handle it
  8. latest.rar i was trying to turn down my settings to the lowest
  9. how do i fix this? all render settings to the complete minimal?
  10. The game crashed whilst tesselating block model Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: Tesselating block model what do i have to do with this information. the world seems to load but instantly crashes
  11. tho this is a stupid question, what happened when i opened my world. what caused the crash
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