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  1. In wich folder do i need to put the map /wich folders do i need to replace in order to get a custom map working?
  2. I dragged all mods back in the "mods" -folder, joined my server and the mods seem to work fine!! ? do my friends need to download all mods including forge (client) or do the only need the correct Forge version? Can I load a custom map for example a precreated Skyblock map in to the server?
  3. I also deleteted everything inside my "Minecraft Server" -folder, except the batch data, to get a clean installation. I reran the .bat and accepted the eula (eula=true) all nessesary folders have been automaticaly recreated
  4. sucsessfully downloaded minecraft server, downloaded 20 libraries and installed forge (server)
  5. I installed java 64bit and server crashes at startup, attached file is the crash report. crash-2018-08-21_23.57.32-server.txt
  6. sorry that the vid isn't playing, there was an upload-error on that one. I edited the .bat with pause and heres what happened. I got my pc on german so on the bottom line stands "press any button to continue" if i do so, the cmd closes
  7. I rightclick the .bat and leftclick execute as Admin bcause if I double click it, it closes right away. 20180821_212603.mp4
  8. I safed the .bat in the same folder as the forge. (you can see on the pictures) the 2nd picture is a bit older
  9. Well... I want to play minecraft with some friends of mine and I can host and run a vanilla server but nothing modded. When I open the "start.bat" this happens (see picture) when I click on ok, the commandpromt closes and nothing further happens... when I open the Forge 1.12.2 ~~~ universal the server wants to start with 250 meg's but with 250 meg's it wont even create a world, to play in... I tried reducing the amount of mods from 21 huge mods to 17 smaler ones. I googled for solutions for well over 9 Hours straight (hours are counted) and feel like I visited every page about forge server ram problems. If you need some specific details let me know. Please help me quickly, best regards from Austria!
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