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  1. I actually figured out. I made a bit of mistake in chest rendering code, it apparently referenced vanilla chests instead of modded chest. Made some code changes and now it appears correctly in inventory.
  2. Hello fellow modder, just thought I would like to ask as I have some issues. You see, I have custom 3D block entity, namely custom chests. Basically just work the same as vanilla chests but with different textures. Problem is, they don't render in inventory even though they do render placed in world. Putting the debug line reveals that it does output and fire but it won't render. ModBEWLR.java ModChestItem.java Here's the screenshot. The chest does render properly placed in world but won't render in inventory. You can tell by item name tooltips. If more code is needed, I will only be too happy to show. What am I missing? I had mod BEWLR instance declared, had the chests hooked and firing.
  3. Hello, Kitteh6660 here. I got around to adding a new beehive made of different planks I call Netherwood. It shows up in recipe book and shows the correct recipe and the output when clicked on. But in attempting to craft, it only outputs the vanilla beehive. The weird thing is that the recipes for the other blocks made of Netherwood (crafting table, chest, and bookshelf) work correctly. The recipe is registered but for some reason, vanilla beehive is taking priority. I was under the impressed it would be fixed but apparently not. The JSON file for the recipe. Should be identical to the vanilla one except that it uses specific planks. { "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped", "pattern": [ "PPP", "HHH", "PPP" ], "key": { "P": { "item": "morecraft:netherwood_planks" }, "H": { "item": "minecraft:honeycomb" } }, "result": { "item": "morecraft:netherwood_beehive" } } Just to be sure, I updated to Forge 35.0.7 if that helps. I don't wish to remove the vanilla beehive recipe as I want to leave room for other mods to add more beehives.
  4. I tried the following code like you asked, but it doesn't work. It then crashes with the following error output: I'm close to giving up on that.
  5. How can I re-add? If I try to re-register the vanilla recipe, it crashes Minecraft with "already registered" Here's the code. I looked through the dropdown and couldn't seem to find a reliable way to re-add the recipes. I could try the for loop, but I still feel a bit confused, and a bit of poking around to find it doesn't seem easy to have it skip over the vanilla recipes.
  6. It took me a long while of searching and eventually giving up on that but I ended up having made a solution of my own. The only downside is the output graphic looks unaltered but you will receive the items. I tried the removing and re-adding to no avail. While it works in Single Player, I'll have to figure out a way to process multiples at a time on the server.
  7. I've got nearly every thing up and running with my MoreCraft mod after days of painstakingly converting every recipe and integrating advancement functionality to my mod. It's almost ready but I've came across obstacles. I couldn't seem to be able to have the JSONs take priority over vanilla recipes when it comes to using ore dictionary. While the mod NoMoreRecipeConflict works, that's only a band-aid solution. I could remove the ore dict but then the Netherwood planks can no longer be used in every wooden crafting recipe universally, and that would cripple cross-mod crafting functionality. I want to make sure the ore dict remains but properly fix the recipes. Back in 1.11.2, I had no problems as the coded recipes easily takes priority over the vanilla recipes. The expected behaviour. Clicking the Netherwood chest without the required planks produces the expected chest on output. The recipe is registered. - The results. It creates an ordinary chest. For some reasons the mod recipe doesn't take priority over the vanilla recipe. This is the same case for Netherwood Crafting Table (which uses vanilla crafting functionality) Is there a solution to ensure that OreDict'ed ingredients are exempt from certain recipes? I've been trying to make everything done as simple as possible.
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