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  1. Reddit i think is now PSAd if you wouldnt mind upvoting https://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/9a2tbn/public_service_announcemt_it_has_been_discovered/
  2. Idk if FTB is aware, but you might want to tell them to tell twitch. Especially sence i cannot post this to reddit. You should i would assumb the bot cant tacke a forge dev. Welp for being the first one to experiance. Atleast get a PSA out
  3. So is everyone going to get these errors in waves? Will it be fixed? and mind telling me how to format the bat.
  4. Is the Debug log the issue, or not. I see you removed your comment If FTB wanted to could they Demerge with curse or is there a contract that wont let them? Im assumbing curse cant demerge with twitch, without legal trouble. Because if curse never merged it wouldnt be a issue
  5. Is twitch aware that they broke their launcher. And is it doing this for everyone or just me. Any workarounds to updating my pack. Like can i do a registry code to stop twitch from updating it and just add in the working one
  6. And im upset because posting this on the modded reddit would definally help, but FTB automod need to stop making false #7 claims Rule #7 is Modpack Crashes shouldnt go into the main reddit it should go into a FTB Specific reddit for modpack issues. Eg where you would report a bug for Beyond
  7. LIterally all i want is to continue development on my modpack, and there is no other way to get minecraft packs to curse unless you use the buggy piece of shit that bought out curse
  8. I have deleted the install folder 5 times already, and the sixth did nothing. What would be modifying forge. Would it be a antivirus or malware that i dont know about?. Would reinstalling twitch work if that is infected? Do you know of any other GUI mod installers that support Curse Exports, because i think Curse Export only works through twitch. Ik curse import can work in MMC but that isnt what i want
  9. Same exact crash so im not going to send a log, but does mulitmc not use ASM or why isnt that crashing but Twitch and Vanilla MC Launch is. Scrap above, that does fix it, but what would cause the ASM error
  10. I have also tested it in just Mojangs new C++ launcher, by setting the version to forge and picking my modpacks directory That doesnt work, multi mc loaded
  11. I said above if i copy the exactally same jar files and the exact same forge versions it doesnt crash in MMC
  12. Didnt expect much because the EXACT SAME modlist works on MultiMC, definally a forge issue https://paste.ee/p/BlXu3 I have already tried reinstalling java and switching jar launcher on and off
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