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  1. package ru.fruten.ntc; import java.lang.reflect.Field; import java.util.ArrayList; import com.google.common.base.Throwables; import com.google.common.collect.Lists; import net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayer; import net.minecraft.inventory.Container; import net.minecraft.inventory.ContainerPlayer; import net.minecraft.inventory.ContainerWorkbench; import net.minecraft.inventory.InventoryCrafting; import net.minecraft.inventory.SlotCrafting; import net.minecraft.item.Item; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraft.item.crafting.CraftingManager; import net.minecraft.item.
  2. I registered my IRecipe instead of a stick recipe, but in the recipe book it's empty, the stick icon itself is there. As you can see in the screenshot, the recipe icon is there, but supposedly I can do it, although I have no resources. When you click on the crafting icon, there is no reaction. How to make a normal recipe in the book?
  3. I've seen it, but how do I use it in an ArrayList or List variable?
  4. Sorry, perhaps, this question already someone asked and on him someone responded, but I have very little information about this, only for old versions of. The question in the topic title. P.S. sorry for my English again.
  5. I want the player to not be able to craft the item if the condition(I don't want to say what condition) is wrong. I want other players to be able to make an item if they have a true condition.
  6. Nothing bad happened, I saw errors in the console and immediately fixed it by checking the block. if (!world.isRemote && world.getBlockState(blockPos).getBlock() == Blocks.PLANKS) { if (world.getBlockState(blockPos).getValue(BlockPlanks.VARIANT) == BlockPlanks.EnumType.OAK) { world.setBlockState(blockPos, NTCBlocks.NTC_LIGHTWOOD.getDefaultState()); } }
  7. I made this code and it works, thanks again! if (!world.isRemote && world.getBlockState(blockPos).getValue(BlockPlanks.VARIANT) == BlockPlanks.EnumType.OAK) { world.setBlockState(blockPos, NTCBlocks.NTC_LIGHTWOOD.getDefaultState()); }
  8. Look in the source code of the game?
  9. Hi, I don't speak English very well! How to check oak boards? I have this code, but it skips all kinds of planks. | I just need to check the oak planks. \ / if (!world.isRemote && world.getBlockState(blockPos).getBlock() == Blocks.PLANKS) { world.setBlockState(blockPos, NTCBlocks.NTC_LIGHTWOOD.getDefaultState()); }
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