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  1. Finally gotten those Soulsand Without Death Included! And of course more EXP gathering!
  2. Well if the case then a move may resolve the problem by explicitly specing a non "." path like username/server for example? It's stupid but it may be simpler and it comes in a "can" so why not just move it?
  3. Gotta love this, Random Loots was doing this earlier but I gotten "blessed" with a crash to refers off of. However you will has to likely do the "split half of the mods and load each group separately, and then the problem causing group to be split again and rinse and repeat until a mod is singled out" method. So with 8 mods you would do... 1. Load 4 of them and see if the problem still exists if so split that into 2x2 mods otherwise... 2. Split the other 4 batch into 2x2 mods then find the problem "batch" then split THAT batch once more 3. You wil
  4. Major mods' updating, including fixing some potential crashing errors. A skill mod called GokiStats! So now your EXP is worth even more than ever! But don't worry the death setting is turned off so hours of labor don't ends up in the drain! The mod had also been buffered as well. To get on simply follow the instructions posted on the website's thread https://www.friendlysurvival.com/forum/view_topic/?tid=5
  5. Go ahead and try doing the following steps... 1. Download Forge Installer for your Operating System 2. Run it for the Client setting 3. It should says that the profile been added 4. Find that profile on the Minecraft launcher 5. Finally you can install the mods to it by going to "open game dir" on that profile and installing the mods to the respected folder Alternatively you can give MultiMC a spin. Personally I find it way easier to work with.
  6. Of course had to redo the oxygen setup a bit and the haul in so far!
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