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  1. LexManos: adding new methods requires app restart in Eclipse, as it prints something like "new methods not supported" cpw: can it technically be done? And on which side?
  2. Me? Mod developer. Forge src 6.5.0: minecraftforge-src-1.4.6-, no other mods. JRebel 5.1.2. Eclipse Juno SR1. OSX 10.8.2.
  3. Sup! I'm trying to use JRebel (free Social Plan) with Minecraft Forge to make code changes without restarting Minecraft. Encountered an issue: Forge reports error during startup. Console log below: I've tested JRebel with with vanilla Minecraft (via mcp725): works fine. Question is: have any clue from the error message, how to fix that?
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