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  1. Thanks. I had do let this thrue my head. I find its a bit confusing? DeBugger PS: I already had read the EULA. I only ask to get sure if that what I do is legal. So I have to rework my mod(s).
  2. Do I understand that Right? Copy and redistribute source Code of minecraft is only illegal, if you do it under your Name and ist the same game, or if it thrue your mod, which contains copied Code, contains "enough" Code to replicate minecraft?
  3. Another Question: How should I replace the findAmmo() method? I meen: if I use antother way, if possible, wouldn´t Ialso use source Code?
  4. An example: I Need for my bow the isAmmo() method and Change only the class used by instanceof.
  5. Hey guys, Im still learning modding and have never released a mod. Im wondering if I could release a mod, which contains copy-pasted, which I have transdformed a bit, minecraft Code. For example: I copied some Methods of the ItemBow class to use it for my own bow. I have changed some variables, calls etc.. Could I release the mod, or do I issue Mojangs EULA? I have used Default-minecraft source Code and transformed in the listed Points. DeBugger
  6. Im not sure, perhaps if you use the registerEgg method? I never used them in this way, but it sounds like that you can do it there.
  7. Another Thing you could try would be to try joining a Server in 1.12.
  8. The Problem is: I dont know exactly how to remove the block and I dont know which port minecraft is using. Sorry for that. I have never had heard the Problem you have, and I only have ideas what the issue could be. You could take a look in your Firewall or in your router. But I dont know for what you have to look. Perhaps this? Im not sure if it is a solution for you. On the Website are some ports mentioned. I have no clue which, if, the Right one. I will take a look at it. I had meaned with "easy to fix" was that it would be easier as if it would be an e.g. Installation failure.
  9. Hopely a port is blocked on your side, because that could be fixed easy.
  10. I had asked some dudes on the Server (instacube) and they sayed that it could be that some of your ports are blocked (from your side). Could you check that please?
  11. Thats strange. I can join. Perhaps your Installation is broken (I mean not cracked!!!). But you has written that you has reinstalled it and ist still not working. Can you enter singleplayer Worlds?
  12. This lines make me worried: Server brand: ~~ERROR~~ NullPointerException: null Server type: Non-integrated multiplayer server Im wondering if it could be that the Server has an error. Is it Right that you are using 1.13.1? And is this the Server you want to join?
  13. Please try this one: play.instacube.at Ist a Server which definetly support 1.13.1
  14. Okay, Which Server do you want to join? Perhaps the Server does not support your Version at the Moment.
  15. Okay, thank you. Does your, if installed, antivirus send any Messages or block anything?
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