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  1. Update: for minecraft 1.12 and others versions it works but for minecraft 1.10.2 it doesnt works , i have try to load the natives libs manually but it works for Windows and not for MacOS i dont understand why
  2. So, i tried but i have the same probleme please help me
  3. Yes but the documenatation not explains how to the add .meta file like you said before
  4. For example : jar { manifest { attributes("Implementation-Title": "Gradle", "Implementation-Version": version) } } i remplace this by what ? my library ?
  5. i need a example of build.gradle i dont know how to use MANIFEST even if you sent me links
  6. i didn't try i need a code example please im stuck , can you give me one pleasee ?
  7. you have an exemple for this ? im not sure that i understand all
  8. @diesieben07 i need to put the jar file in this : /META-INF/libraries/mydependecy.jar. ??
  9. i've already see this but i dont understand how to use it
  10. Hi, I'am making a forge mod with this library : https://github.com/MinnDevelopment/java-discord-rpc When i run Minecraft Client on IntelliJ, it works but when i build the mod and i put it on my mod's folder and i run my minecraft launcher i have this error : https://pastebin.com/TAz96zDL i think that i need to put the dependency in my jar file, here's my dependencies : configurations { embed compile.extendsFrom(embed) } dependencies { // This dependency and its transitive deps will be embedded embed 'club.minnced:java-discord-rpc:2.0.1' compile 'club.m
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