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  1. yes! fixed it! youwere actually right about the .json extension instead of the .JSON. i have no clue why, but whenever i select the .json in the list of file types to save it as, even though it shoes its gonna be lower case it always ends up in upper case which doesnt seem to work... had to just use the normal right click and rename to do the lower case file extension. thanks for the help and putting up with the ramblings of a newb lol.
  2. never mind, im just an idoit who didnt look at the bottom of the folder... here it is: pastebin.com/vwZcxkxW
  3. no, the latest log in my game directory is really old. unless im looking in the wrong place lol.
  4. i'll try that pastebin thing. for some reason when i do the save as and pick .json it automatically goes to caps instead of the lowercase version it says...
  5. i'm creating a pack for my world with the intention of adding a recipe for that new smooth stone block they added for 1.13, as for some reason its a creative only block but it looks great and I WANT IT! I WANT IT! the intended recipe is to use 2 stone slabs on top of each other and get 1 smooth stone out of it. for some reason i cannot seem to find, it is not working. granted this is an old world (at least a year old) but i optimized it so it should be fine... i checked my code for the pack.mcmeta file and the recipe json file in an online json checker and it says its valid. i've quadruple checked the folder structure and everything is in the right place i went into my world and it is recognized as a data pack and its enabled. here's my screenies. please let me know what im doing wrong:
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