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  1. LOL I didn't see yours either but the timing is impeccable
  2. We just made threads about the same thing simultaneously
  3. When I play minecraft with any release versions 2761+ I get game play that appears to be at ~30FPS in the peripheral of the screen. This is very apparent on trees and other foliage. You can see what I mean by looking at the trees while I walk forward in this short gif Gif of Peripheral Stuttering I have tried; Computer Restart Turning Mods off (issue persists regardless) New Drivers Vanilla Minecraft (no issues there) Forge Version 2760 and below (no issues there) Minecraft repair function Here are my "latest" logs, however I was turning the game off and on as I tested different versions of Forge Pastebin link to my "latest" logs which we're done at Version 2761 Please note my game has all my mods unloaded in the world save I am using. The problem persists even if I make a world without them.
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