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  1. Well of course I know how to override a method, and add things to a list. I guess just give me some time.
  2. Okay, can you please show an example while I try to figure it out on my own? I'm a visual learner.
  3. I want to order than in a certain way, for example Ingot - Ore / Ingot - Ore
  4. Hello, I would like to know how to organize a creative tab. Thank you!
  5. Okay, I want it every time they respawn, and when they first spawn. How would I do that, and how would I give the player them item every time they respawn. (e.i. player.giveItem(<item>)) Please give an example.
  6. I'm making a mod, and want to give the player a book when they spawn. What would I use, and where would I put it?
  7. I fixed it. (It was the helmet, read my comment above yours)
  8. Okay, your fix fixed it. I must've of accidentally deleted the helmet in the process! Thanks!
  9. I've tested, and if I remove the lunarium_helmet, the same happens to the chestplate etc. So it has to be something with all of them.
  10. Hmm, okay let me check, I thought the error was with the armor, however.
  11. Can you show me some example code, what do you mean by make it public static? (I know what it means, but where would I put it) . EDIT: I did all that you said, and I end up getting the same errors at lines 51-54. I think it has to do with when it registers the models.
  12. I understand that IHasModel would work, possibly easier. I don't want to restart because I already have this all done. So, instead of making me restart my mod, you, or someone else could help me find an answer. And if there is none, i'll restart it.
  13. Yes, but the thing is, he doesn't have any armor tutorials etc. I had to use other tutorials and bend it to the way I learned (McJty). Also, it being not correct, the only issue I have is with the Armor, everything else works. I even got ore generation to work.
  14. Note, that I said in my original post, that I used McJty's tutorials to learn modding, this is generally how he did it in those tutorials.
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