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  1. mod installed: immersive engineering crash with .35 but .25 is fine Log here: debug.log issue related to rendering? I've seen someone reported this to IE and it seems like not their fault.
  2. Thanks! I will remove the portal mod for now and wait for a fix.
  3. update forge from .25 to .33 and the game crashes crash report debug.log
  4. OK, I will try removing the mod later. Thank you.
  5. The crash report said that ‘Operand stack overflow’. Someone seems like having the same problem with JEID installed, but I didn't use that mod.
  6. Have tried that. It didn't work out.
  7. Forge version 2768 (also tried with 2770 crash report here: https://pastebin.com/tqRMw1tj logs : latest.log
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