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  1. WC Tech & Magic is a tech/magic themed pack which is aimed for the players to use spells and tech to have an enjoyable time on this pack. Its mostly based on survival and adventure but you are the one to chose on what you will do. Official server online!This Pack Includes:An official server. Great friendly staff & community. Good and not much mods on the pack. Many players playing all over the world. Custom terrain on the server. Tech and magic mods. Much much more! Official server IP is included in the pack when you install it!Tutorial on installing this modpack: youtu.be/BV3IjftMOj4M
  2. For some reason when I test and join my forge server on local it gives me this weird connection terminated error. Here is the logs or error from me trying to join it from my intellij client: https://paste.gg/p/anonymous/2d287a64d6f948dcba523c1f9f480dd0
  3. I am trying to do rendering on a json model
  4. Hello! I am trying to do rendering on a json model but I did everything that I am suppose to do like register registerNormalItemModel(event, ModItems.M1911); ModItems.M1911.setTileEntityItemStackRenderer(RenderM1911.instance); But when I use the item on my hand it just shows nothing unlike the other rendering I have done BUT for java models. Here is just some of my json model (Cause its way to big): { "credit": "Made by MaxIsH0t", "parent": "builtin/entity", "textures": { "texture": "arsenalmod:items/darkgrey" }, "elements": [ Rende
  5. /** * returns the action that specifies what animation to play when the items is being used */ @Override public EnumAction getItemUseAction(final ItemStack stack) { return EnumAction.BOW; } /** * Called when the equipped item is right clicked. */ @Override public ActionResult<ItemStack> onItemRightClick(final World worldIn, final EntityPlayer playerIn, final EnumHand handIn) { final ItemStack itemstack = playerIn.getHeldItem(handIn); final boolean flag = !this.findAmmo(playerIn).isEmpty(); if (!playerIn
  6. When I click "g" on my keyboard it doesn't open my gui which is what I want. GuiCosmetics class: public class GuiCosmetics extends GuiScreen { // Images private final ResourceLocation BACKGROUND = new ResourceLocation(ModReference.MOD_ID,"textures/gui/cosmetics/bg.png"); @Override public void initGui() { super.initGui(); } @Override protected void actionPerformed(GuiButton button) throws IOException { super.actionPerformed(button); } @Override public void updateScreen() { super.updateScreen(); } @Overri
  7. Update I removed the json file and this happens now:
  8. Hello, I am trying to create an item with using a java class model. For some reason when I put the item in my hand it shows like this: http://prntscr.com/lsvrjf assets.arsenalmod.models.item.combat_knife.json: { "parent": "item/generated", "textures": { "layer0": "arsenalmod:items/combat_knife" } } ModelCombatKnife class: https://pastebin.com/gezpT9aa RenderCombatKnife class: https://pastebin.com/QvtPBp21 and I have this in my ClientProxy[postInit] ModItems.COMBAT_KNIFE.setTileEntityItemStackRenderer(new RenderCombatKnife());
  9. Hello, I am currently trying to display fog in the world but it doesn't show up. Anyone know why? @SubscribeEvent @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public void onTick(final TickEvent.ClientTickEvent event) { final Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft(); if (mc.player != null) { if (ClientEventSubscriber.fogDensity > ClientEventSubscriber.fogRequiredDensity) { ClientEventSubscriber.fogDensity -= 1.0E-4F; } else if (ClientEventSubscriber.fogDensity < ClientEventSubscriber.fogRequiredDensity) { ClientEventSubscriber.fogDensity +=
  10. Alright Update: New RenderBaseBall Class: https://hastebin.com/yatirebome.java And have this in my ClientEventSubscriber: @SubscribeEvent public static void onRegisterModelsEvent(final ModelRegistryEvent event) { ModItems.BASEBALL_BAT.setTileEntityItemStackRenderer(new RenderBaseBallBat()); but the hand still doesnt render onto the baseball bat item
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