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  1. I started a world a couple of weeks ago. I haven't explored it much. Pretty much set up shop right at my spawn point. I built quite a large house and I'd like to add some additional decorations with decocraft. If the way that I'm doing it isn't possible, is there a way to transfer my home and surrounding structures to a new modded world?
  2. Is there a proper way to convert the world that would prevent this?
  3. I made a backup just in case. But I just loaded this 'corrupted' world without Forge just fine. Could the process of converting the world have corrupted it rendering it only unplayable with Forge?
  4. When I try to open my 1.13.1 map, it crashes while loading the world. I assume there is a compatibility issue since the only forge installer I could find was 1.12.1, but I don't know how to fix it. It asked me to convert the world when I tried to open it. Everything seemed fine but it just crashes every time. I've tried searching the issue. One suggestion was to delete the options.txt file. That did not work. There was also a suggestion to delete optifine. I don't think I ever downloaded it but I found a couple of folders in my skin pack labelled optifine. I deleted those. To clarify, I can open a new world and run it just fine. However, I'd like to use the world I've been working on for the last few weeks. Is it possible to convert it? My apologies I'm a noob to Forge and mods.
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