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  1. but you wrote in the description it says resource location: models, its ok items, its no ok must be item (without 's')
  2. Did you read this? I'm pretty sure it's the solution
  3. You have right! So, I'll try this! I'll implement it, and I tell you how is the situation! Thanks!
  4. Oh thanks! I had a bad concept about the rain on the world. I did'nt know if in some place of the world is raining, so at the rest of the world is raining too. That is a detail that change everything! (at least in my particular case). In conlusion, I'll use this solution... Right?! And about my actual version. I just select one for make my code! No reason. I'll change to the newest version! I hope the code will no change much! Thanks a lot and a see you in another post! Thanks, really thanks!
  5. I think the problem is the location of your .json the folder must be models / item / (and here your json) tell me, if work or not! greetings!
  6. Hello! first post! Well, I go to the point! I'm creating a mod little interesting! about thirst and temperature! The last two days I have been stucked in the temperature section! The problem is as follow. In some part of my code I has a function that return a float value, indicating the factor of actual weather in the player's location. When the player is placed in a warm biome and it's raining, works well -> the function return 2.0F. But when the player is placed in a cold biome and it's raining (reallity it's snowing), does'nt work well - > the function return 1.0F. The code is... This function is ejecuted every 84 ticks in... I'm programming with forgeSrc-1.12.2- I have been looking answers or questions about this on Internet, and I have not found nothing like this. If somebody can guide my how fix this raining/snowing detection at specific position (especifically in a cold biome, where snow and no rain) Thank in advance! PD: sorry my english!
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