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  1. I used optifine and forge both for 1.12.2 my shaders mod says 1.12 when the download site said it was for 1.12.2... All my mods work in 1.12.2
  2. So I used this video to install shaders with mods. But when I play Minecraft with the optifine configuration (what the guy in the video told me to do) I'm only able to use shaders, not mods. When I try to play Minecraft with the forge configuration Minecraft crashes and says this... Can someone help me, please?!
  3. I removed some mods i didn't really need atm
  4. okay i reinstalled minecraft but now it says this
  5. I know it says to remove the other decocraft mod but the thing is that i already removed the other decocraft mod
  6. now it says this when i open minecraft
  7. I already had the latest update of decocraft installed. Do i have to open PTRLib or put it in my mods folder?
  8. whenever i try to open minecraft it crashes. I already removed useless mods but I can't remove more since i really need them
  9. I have a couple of mods into my Forge server but I realized I couldn't even use the mods! It's a survival server for me and my friend. I can't open my inventory either so it makes it hard to actually play on my server since it's so annoying. I tried using one mod at a time. I can open my inventory but I still can't use the mods
  10. I also checked all the mods i had in there in i still cant open my inventory
  11. lol i removed all the mods and i still cant open my inventory in survival mode. i can open it in creative though?
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