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  1. what is you recommended way then because i am not particularly sure how it would be done another way
  2. how would this be done as it is seeming fine but if thats the wrong way might as well fix it
  3. after looking into the console a bit i have noticed why it wasnt working it was due to me accidently giveing the mod the same mod id as the dependency the issue now is fixed and my mod is loading fine thankyou for the help
  4. i had tryed this however for some reason it wouldnt load the mod for when i loaded the test client provided by forge
  5. i am currently making a mod in two versions however i assue the same way to add a dependancie to a 1.12 mod is tha same way as making it in 1.8 because i have the same mod just for 1.8 user and 1.12 user would anyone be able to help me with including a dependancie i am using the eclipse workspace as setup through gradle Thanks In Advance
  6. I have recnetly stubbled accross this post when struggling with a similar issue and i recently found a fix that worked for me if you are still struggleing with this issue please respond with the current operating system you are using as my issue was one releated to windows 10 however i switched to windows 8.1 on a diffrent computer on the same network and it seemed to work fine
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