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  1. I have solved my own issue with poking around the Build.Gradle File and quick and swift Gradle Refresh.
  2. Since this seems to be on the 1.12 version of Minecraft, you most likely will not receive any help as this is version isn't supported anymore.
  3. I would start with a video like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x08i64ftpDY
  4. I am currently using DataGenerators and an ItemProvider to dynamically create each Json file, and even though this successfully runs using runData there is no actual texture when in game. Any Ideas?
  5. What would be a location for minecraft blocks?
  6. I'm attempting to override the diamond_ore drop. I created a loot table for this to attempt that with no luck. I attempted the original method, and I couldn't find any thing on how to properly override drops for vanilla blocks. Any ideas?
  7. Is there anyway to do this, and if there are any guides please link me.
  8. Does anyone know any good guides, or videos to see how to create a custom furnace from ground up?
  9. Do you have any idea why it would output some name properly, and others like title.ruby_block.name. I already have the en_us.lang file implemented.
  10. https://hastebin.com/ayinocefik.java Above is the code, and the I have an error saying that setUnlocalizedName(name); is invalid. I have rewritten it several times
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