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  1. Could someone show me an example of how to write a text in the world in the coordinate X, Y and Z? It would be kind of the name that sits on the head of a player, but it would be in a place of my choice need to do this using the "GL11.glPushMatrix();" who can help me thank you
  2. Hello, first of all I would like to make it clear that I do not speak English. I'm being helped by Google Translate I developed a MOD for LITELOADER, with the function of adding skins and cape to the players in version 1.5.2 You could tell me now .. "Ah .. but it already exists..." Yes, this already exists... but what I have developed has a differential, those players who have a Nick that has no skin in MOJANG, may be registering on a WEBSITE developed by SnowDev and be adding a skin and cape for your nick, and the MOD loads normally! I do not kno
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