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  1. One solution would be to use 64 bit java. 32 bit Programs are limited up to 2GB of memory. Other solution is to allocate more memory when run MC, but on 32bit application is not possible to go past 2GB limit.
  2. Updated Forge to build 141. The issue is fixed. However i have crash on build 142 and up. ANd that is for another thread. Edit: Tried build 144 and no more crashes. Will not create another thread
  3. Try removing FML. You are using Forge you probably do not need it.
  4. Hello. I am trying to create a Peat bog farm. As bog requres wated, i chose to use a Forestry container (Cans). To my suprise the Deployer from RP2 did not grab water. Tried using Empty cell, Capsule and empty bucket. Deployer grabbed water only by using a bucket, and not with the other containers. I played with Forge And didn't have the issue. Now i am using Forge and it has issue. Tried with build 138 and the same issue. From build 105 to 135 was a complete reinstall of all Mods, so i can not put finger on Forge, i only suspec that is a culprit. And with Build 138 i removed most of the Mods for testing purposes. Since 3.1.3 has a lot of additionaly function, the Forge is the only mod installed inside jar file.
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