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  1. I will try this first, thank you for the help. Will edit this post as to whether or not it succeeded. LexManos, to be fair, I have been unable to find proper installation instructions for Forge that weren't too vague (please don't be irked; I'm not exactly a programmer). Also, Snow Leopard does not give me the option to "merge", it just asks whether or not I want to replace the files in the .jar, then gives me the option to do so or to stop the process. So I'm not entirely sure what you mean. EDIT That "LWJGL Updated" made my minecraft screen flicker horribly whenever I try to play. EDIT 2 (for the sake of avoiding flooding the thread with lots of posts) This is what I have been doing. I will see what I can find. Thank you for your help. Will reply to the thread soon as to whether or not I was successful, and what I did.
  2. This was the crash report I got when trying a different Forge ( on a fresh .jar with no other mods: Crashed again when I renamed the mods folder. Again, just using Forge.. From what little I can tell, it's the exact same crash, but here's the report anyway. I dunno about the rest of ya'll, but I feel like I'm running in circles. I greatly appreciate your patience with me and this issue so far.
  3. Tried using just Forge on a fresh minecraft. Got the exact same issue: black screen upon trying to change the sound. Crash Report Tried it again with just Forge and AudioMod. Same problem. Here's the crash report for that one. Please forgive my ignorance, but what is FML, and how do I remove it?
  4. Thank you, I will give that a try and see if it works. Will edit this post to confirm. EDIT Unfortunately, AudioMod seems to have done nothing. I get the exact same issue. Here's the crash report
  5. The primary issue I'm having is with the Music and Sound options. Once I have Forge installed, both are set to OFF and whenever I attempt to change either one I get a black screen. I have tested all the other options, and they work fine. I have also gone into singleplayer and been able to play the game just fine, with the obvious exception of no sound. After I first encountered this problem, I started with a fresh .jar file. I installed ModLoader into my .jar and deleted the META-INF. Ran the game, was able to change the Sound options, no problems. I installed Forge into my .jar, as well. To my knowledge, it is the most recent version, downloaded from this site (the recommended one). Ran the game, and had issues with the sound. Here's the text from ModLoader: Here's what I got from the Forge .log file Playing the game without sound is doable, but I'm intending to play MoCreatures (have not installed that yet because of the above issue), and I enjoy hearing the animal noises. Plus it comes in handy when trying to avoid or hunt zombies and whatnot. While trying to see if anyone else had this problem, I came across this post: From this thread: http://minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,201.msg1139.html#msg1139 Granted, the issues in that thread were different from my own, but it made me wonder if I am perhaps installing Forge wrong, and if so, what I need to do in order to install correctly. Help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if I have done something wrong as far as getting the necessary information (yes, I read the sticky at the top of the forum carefully), please let me know and I'll do what I can to fix it.
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