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  1. Fixed in the lastest version (30Jan19). Use entity 'NPC Alex Arms' instead of 'NPC'.
  2. I have the same problem too. When I first run the client and the server both of which installed the CustomNPCs Mod, they eats almost all the memories of my computer (1.8 GB, my computer is really bad). However, when I start to run some other programs, like an Internet Explorer, trying to use up the memories, the two Minecraft processes seem to release some memories. That's really strange.
  3. Hello, @Noppes. I recently played your CustomNPCs mod and VariedCommodities mod. They are interesting. But I found several bugs and I want to give some suggestions. So I create this post. CustomNPCs 1. [BUG, resolved 30Jan19] The eyes and particles are rendered wrongly. 2. [BUG, resolved 30Jan19] The texture renders wrongly when the texture of a human npc has 3-pixels-width arms. 3. The name of a texture file could not contains uppercase letters (and spaces maybe) or the file is unable to be loaded. This is acceptable to me but is not to most players. 4. [BUG] T
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