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  1. Hello ladies and gentleman! i have an mod src but i don't know exactly how to downgrade it's version, i already decompiled the mod and i know the whole minecraft code is different. so i would like to get help to downgrade that mod... is that i wanted to use it with my modpack which include 1.12.2 mods that are no longer updated.
  2. I do not understand anything, I have to put the model in the models folder and then I run the "gradlew.bat"?
  3. really thank you, so I put the models in the models folder and then I run the gradlew.bat? I do not understand the explanation of the link very much.
  4. I tried different ways or tutorials and nothing worked, I'm developing a mod with .OBJ models but with mcreator that did not work, so I thought to do this with the forge, but there are tutorials on this, someone can help me? blockstates file: { "forge_marker": 1, "defaults": { "textures": { // "#lambert7SG": "forgedebugmodelloaderregistry:texture" //the identifier must be a name of a material defined by the "model" obj's .mtl file }, "model": "forgedebugmodelloaderregistry:test_chinese_lampion.obj" }, "variants": { "normal": [{}], "inventory": [{ "transform": "forge:default-block" }] } }
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