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  1. Oh, God! How could I miss that?! Thank you very much. I am filling myself so stupid... But can you explain me then why are PowerDistributionEvent being called if they are server-side? (They are posted only on server)
  2. I'd got some kind of anomaly during creation of my Forge 1.12.2 modification. Short description: world.isRemote somehow returns true on server side. Long description: I have a class which extends Entity. I have put logic into onUpdate function and I was suprised when I figured out that this method is called on client side. I have added check to make sure that my logic is performed on server side. However, this check always fails. I have decided to test if I had accidentally called world.spawnEntity on client side (which is impossible!), so I put logger.info(world.isRemote); after that line (btw, what is the best method for testing?). This check has returned "true", what means that it was executed at the client side, but console thread says that this text was printed from server thread. I am feeling competely lost. The only one my proposition is that the problem is that I am using common logger for client and server sides, but I have never seen such Github repository: https://github.com/mystery-coder/Souls-Industry/tree/dev Problematical code parts: forgemod.mystery.soulsindustry.tile.TileLamp.consume(...) (Event is called from TickEvent.ServerTickEvent handler), forgemod.mystery.soulsindustry.entity.EntityWisp.onUpdate() Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I'll get a look at SimpleModelFontRenderer.
  4. There would be a lot of books and maybe player-generated, but text of every book is constant.
  5. Hello. I want to create a new item (book if telling more precisely) which has custom text on it. How can I do that? I suppose that I have to create my own ICustomModelLoader, IModel and return BakedItemModel with extra quads attached to letters' textures in IModel bake(...) function. Am I right?
  6. Do you see ".minecraft" folder there? If yes, then it must contains "mods" folder. If you don't have this folder ("mods"), then make sure that you have Forge installed.
  7. If you are using Windows, then go to the Start and enter "%AppData%" into the search bar. Don't forget about "%" symbols.
  8. Sorry, this won't repeat again. And what about other capabilities? For example, if I create my own capability, would it be safe to call CAPABILITY.getDefaultInstance() this way or should I do this inside of function annotated @CapabilityInject?
  9. Try adding "pause" command at the end of your .bat file and post an error if it is.
  10. Well, sorry, but I can't figure out the problem. The only thing I can understand is that minecraft creashes before mod loading (bad Minecraft Forge version?). You should wait for more skilled member.
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