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  1. After writing the IDs manually, I did it" Thank you!
  2. Well, that went just horrible! Hmm, maybe I'll have another try...
  3. Not me either! My friends didn't make so very good houses, but they aren't so skilled with the mods yet. I made a frakkin' Atlantis! How comes that all the IDs changed?
  4. Why does it seem that I am the only person with this problem? Loads of people would need help to do this? Especially with RedPower moving from 1.2.5 to 1.4.6! Is it because I jumped over so many versions?
  5. OK, I'm doing it now. Does it still work, even if the new config files have more IDs for new items?
  6. Hello, I am in dire need for some assistance and help! I try to update my minecraft server from version 1.2.5 to 1.4.6. I think I did everything right, but this is what I did: 1. Got a fresh server.jar and Forge. 2. Used the Forge.jar to generate all the nice stuff. 3. Downloaded new versions of the following mods which were on the last server: RedPower2, IndustrialCraft2, NuclearControl addon And then these which I wanted to try on the new server: ModularForceFieldSystem addon, Thaumcraft 3. 4. When I started the server I got this error: 5. I deleted the ic2_map.cfg so and ran the server again so that it could generate a new set of IDs. 6. I then joined the OK looking server and everyhing was black, except the sun. The server gave me this crashlog: What did I do wrong? What happened? What do I have to do now? Thank you! EDIT: Here are some FML-logs ForgeModLoader-server-0.log ForgeModLoader-server-1.log:
  7. Can anyone please tell me, why do you use a 1.4.7 version when minecraft is just in version 1.4.6? EDIT: Oh, I see. It's a new pre-release!
  8. Holy frak, I did it! I changed the Minecraft_Server.exe into a .jar, and it worked! Why didn't that stand anywhere?
  9. I place the .zip of forge 471 in a directory where I've got my Minecraft_Server.jar. After changing the .zip into a .jar and running it I get this message in a standard windows-window: "A Java Exception has occurred." After that I go here and cry a little.
  10. That is everything I got. An window saying that "A Java Exception has occurred." The file won't start. The client works fine.
  11. I tried changing the extension to .jar and running it. An Java Exception has occurred! What do I do? I tried looking in the wiki.
  12. I grabbed the 471 build of Forge and the IC2 beta 112, but now I can't install them. I opened a 1.4.6 MInecraft Serjever.jar and opened it using WINrar, then I opened the Forge zip. I dragged the files in the Forge zip over and then I got this message: ! C:\Users\Peter\Desktop\Spill\Minecraft\Technic-Server\Server\1.4.6\Minecraft_Server.exe: The archive is corrupt I tried reparing the arkive (ALT+R), which normally works but not today! If I tried to run the server after repairing it I got an error saying that I either need an x86 (32-bits) or x64 (64-bits) WINrar. My Windows 7 is 64 bits and that is what I have on my computer. What do I have to do?
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