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  1. ok sry about that, im new to this kind of thing, ik how to go to different versions of minecraft but do i do the forge thing on here?
  2. i have the forge, the GOOD one, i just have no idea how to get it into minecraft
  3. idk how to get that version of forge into minecraft, i can get 1.12.2 but not like "forge" crap
  4. oookkk, ye im still stupid, i can only do things by watching not by someone just telling me what to do, im confused and still am stuck, I don't get it.....
  5. thx for putting up with my stupidity lol
  6. OOOOHHHH I GET IT NOW.. im stupid, thx
  7. ik that, but when you press the client thing is it done?
  8. all i really want now is Not Enough Items so i know what to do
  9. downloaded but idk what to do with it
  10. i did that already, I have no idea what i'm doing, sry
  11. do you think you can help me find the forge i need to get this to work, u don't hav to, just asking
  12. ok thx, but xaeros minimap works perfectly, but ill use a different version of forge, thx
  13. sry to bother u again but its still happening, i deleted all the mods, replaced them with mods from the good website, and this still shows up.
  14. thx, i already deleted all my mods
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