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  1. So the code was auto-generated from different code that does the same thing?
  2. Even if Minecraft wasn't meant to mod, it still would have been better practice to cycle through an array at this point, or even better, use a dictionary. I've heard that they pretty much completely rewrote everything a few years ago, so I'm surprised that they didn't add mod support considering that Minecraft among the most modded video games in existence.
  3. While looking at the code in EntityVillager, I found something that has caught my eye. In the canVillagerPickupItem method, rather than loop through a static array of items that it can pick up, it uses an if-statement with six ||s. The problem with this is that whatever the villager is allowed to pick up is hardcoded into the statement. With an array, you could just go to where the array is initialized and add it in. Is there any particular way why it was done like this? I know that the final result is still the same, but you could say that about pretty much any good or bad practice.
  4. I wasn't actually looking through the code for the method, I made a variable for EntityAnimal and then typed the variable with a dot at the end and looked at all the suggestions.
  5. Ah, I was looking in EntityAnimal for it, it completely slipped my mind to check inside an interface that it implements. Thanks.
  6. So I want to make sure that when I add drops to the drop events of animals that they are adults, but I can't seem to find a method for checking.
  7. Can't find very much documentation on that, could you please expand on that a bit?
  8. So oak leaves for instance drop saplings and apples, but how could I override the method that decides which items to drop(It's called onBreak or onHarvest or something) so that I can give it custom drops?
  9. I just learned both Java and how to mod Minecraft a few days ago, so I don't actually know what a proxy is. I was just told somewhere to register TileEntities in a proxy.
  10. Ah, yes, I forgot to check whether it was null first. I also fixed the other error by setting itemStack to initialize to a stack of air rather than null. So although there doesn't seem to be any more errors, the problem with it not saving the value of itemStack after unloading and reloading still persists. DataBlock
  11. I'm trying to use that method of doing it, but I'm getting two errors. Code: First error, occurs upon placing block:
  12. I told it to read from and write to a file called "test.bat", but for some reason, it's still not working or even creating the file.
  13. Pardon my bad understanding, are you saying that I should create a new instance of NBTTagCompound or a new type that derives from NBTTagCompound?
  14. I'm checking it by right-clicking a block, and it swaps the item in the player's hand with the item in the DataTileEntity, which works fine until I reload, then whatever was in it is gone. So how can I get around the default setting?
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