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  1. And this will be show in another mods too? Then i use as example IronChest or IdustrialCraft2, they have thems "own menu" must i program for each my mods something or will be a singe inventory "hook" successfully? I wana see this extra Inventory places in everywhere. example: http://666kb.com/i/cd8zdod2j0p5r8p5d.png http://666kb.com/i/cd8zdxqoz5smqkcwh.png Sry for my bad english btw
  2. Is it possible to make a custom inventory that work with all another mods? I want that it looks like this: http://666kb.com/i/cd8q72qvoc1v8jn81.jpg Or use another mods just the Inventoryarray and build them "own" inventorys? Never did write a Forge Mod, so I ask.
  3. How can I remove mods on my Server? Then i delete them, some chests dont work and the Server say that he can't find item ID's
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