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  1. mostly to keep formatting Catch the code https://gist.github.com/e53a0f34afa79b80aef9909047c43ac5 https://gist.github.com/75d4e37e8367fd644db8fd1cf83a1738
  2. Hello, I want to fix my mod's mappings, because I've updated some block and item ID's. Configured event RegistryEvent.MissingMappings<Block> event and it is working. My code is: and I'm getting weird error after completing this event. It tells me "Remapped...", 0 errors. But the error is: So the error comes not from my class, but from GameData.Tells me that com.matez.wildnature.common.blocks.BlockSlabVertical cannot be cast to net.minecraft.item.Item. And i'm even not doing anything with items yet! Sometimes it tells also Exception reading .\saves\Wor
  3. Hello, i'm here with bug I don't know how to solve: The item of leaf block has broken transparency (looks like on Fast graphic setting), when vanilla ones look normal (with transparency) I've set the RenderType to cutout mipped, but that seem to work only with blocks: Should the items render be registered independed of blocks then? Thanks
  4. Hi there I'm doing block that after click will send message to player. And that message is being sent two times, however if i wouldn't check for being world remote it would be sent four times. Whats happening? Code: Debug logs: Thanks
  5. Hello I have a problem with my mod, sometimes terrain is getting strange.. is that minecraft issue or i did something wrong? I have no ideas. I don't know what code could i provide so ask for it if needed.
  6. So no way to make it from code? Cuz i want to make it compatible with blocks from other mods as well
  7. So for example i want to add blockstate stick_block.json but instead doing it in file (so when i want to add 500 blocks with same blockstate and model, but with another texture i dont have to add file for each) i can do it in code and put blockstate json to String. Then just i can replace "texture" json tag with another for each block. And then use that in new blocks registered like i written earlier
  8. I just want to add new blockstate and model WITHOUT creating new file in assets. Only in code, maybe from String
  9. So instead of doing for each block new blockstate & model as another file in assets, i want to make it in code.
  10. Hey, got better and easier idea but i need help. How can i put json string as new blockstate and model? public static void register(){ Registry.BLOCK.forEach(block -> { if(block.getDefaultState().isSolid()){ ResourceLocation r = new ResourceLocation("wildnature:"+block.getRegistryName().getNamespace()+"_beams"); } }); } ResourceLocation r is a registry name for new block. Then i need to put like that new blockstate for that with changed data for each block, and model. Where and how can i register them?
  11. so how can i edit these models to set proper texture on it
  12. so how can i change tileEntity texture? I have that block: and i want that after someone will click on it with any block it will get its texture. Like if stone block click, it will get stone texture. So it have to get the stone texture and set "#texture" in that model to it.
  13. Hello I want to create block, that after clicking on it with another block (anything, not only one block set), it will bind its texture. Is that possible, and how can i do this if it is?
  14. Hi there I want to add new accesstransformer to private final TrackingChunkStatusListener field_213040_a; and after doing it in accesstransformer.cfg, my gradle dies and gives me errors that makes no sense or just says that forge is not resolved. As you can see, private final changed to public, but i cannot run it My access transformer: its the last one. Other entries works. Thanks for help
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