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  1. You can extract the vanilla jar file for the version of your using and use that to get the entire texture library.
  2. Thanks for replying so quickly! For the reflection would that be done using the forge reflection helper ? I had a suspicion that I might need to use that but I couldn't quite understand that was needed for the fields ? (ReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue(Class<? super E> classToAccess, @Nullable E instance, int fieldIndex))
  3. Hi all, I'm working on a new feature for my mod "Slime Breeder Advanced" and I need to be able to get a resource location of an entity stored as a NBTTag. I've managed to convert from NBTTag to Entity however can't find a way to get the entities texture resource location. I can kind of get the resource location by getting the name of the entity its domain i.e minecraft ect and then building a resource location from that but I run into difficulty when the texture is in a folder not the root directory. Anyone able to point me in the right direction ?
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