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  1. Yes, I saw the conditions. Oh, nothing. I read your message wrongly
  2. Nice question... I just do: Insert spoiler > Insert code > I add the code and Its all okay, I submit the reply I see blank elements Nice, I need to find a way to disable recipes. I saw that my "onArmorTick" for redstone armor had only the override without the ClientSide.
  3. I can't edit the post... I dont know why... I saw now that only this armor doesn't have the "@SideOnly(Side.CLIENT)"
  4. But why only this armor has problems? I'll add the client side. Thanks How to disable them with a boolean like I did then?
  5. Hello, a couple of days ago I've tried to upload my mod on my server to play with friends but after some seconds using it I saw a lot of spam in console. I don't know why but only with this armor I have problems, for example, the glowstone ones has the same check (and potion giver but checks glowstone armor) and it works without crash or console spam. P.s. Help me with code inside spoilers because it adds these white lines random Log: The second one is when I use the revival potion (added by me). The last one (optional because probably I remove the armor) is this: This is my InitItems if (Config.enablelapisarmor) { LAPIS_HELMET = new LapisHelmet("lapis_helmet", LAPIS_ARMOR, 1, EntityEquipmentSlot.HEAD); LAPIS_CHESTPLATE = new LapisChestplate("lapis_chestplate", LAPIS_ARMOR, 1, EntityEquipmentSlot.CHEST); LAPIS_LEGGINGS = new LapisLeggings("lapis_leggings", LAPIS_ARMOR, 2, EntityEquipmentSlot.LEGS); LAPIS_BOOTS = new LapisBoots("lapis_boots", LAPIS_ARMOR, 1, EntityEquipmentSlot.FEET); } This is the log (I use json recipes) [20:14:13] [Server thread/ERROR] [FML]: Parsing error loading recipe myarmorplus:lapis_leggings com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: Unknown item 'myarmorplus:lapis_leggings' at net.minecraftforge.common.crafting.CraftingHelper.getItemStack(CraftingHelper.java:213) ~[CraftingHelper.class:?] at net.minecraftforge.common.crafting.CraftingHelper.lambda$init$14(CraftingHelper.java:517) ~[CraftingHelper.class:?] at net.minecraftforge.common.crafting.CraftingHelper.getRecipe(CraftingHelper.java:410) ~[CraftingHelper.class:?] at net.minecraftforge.common.crafting.CraftingHelper.lambda$loadRecipes$22(CraftingHelper.java:706) ~[CraftingHelper.class:?] at net.minecraftforge.common.crafting.CraftingHelper.findFiles(CraftingHelper.java:816) ~[CraftingHelper.class:?] at net.minecraftforge.common.crafting.CraftingHelper.loadRecipes(CraftingHelper.java:671) ~[CraftingHelper.class:?] at java.util.ArrayList.forEach(ArrayList.java:1257) [?:1.8.0_212] at net.minecraftforge.common.crafting.CraftingHelper.loadRecipes(CraftingHelper.java:621) [CraftingHelper.class:?] at net.minecraftforge.fml.common.Loader.initializeMods(Loader.java:742) [Loader.class:?] at net.minecraftforge.fml.server.FMLServerHandler.finishServerLoading(FMLServerHandler.java:108) [FMLServerHandler.class:?] at net.minecraftforge.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.onServerStarted(FMLCommonHandler.java:338) [FMLCommonHandler.class:?] at net.minecraft.server.dedicated.DedicatedServer.func_71197_b(DedicatedServer.java:219) [nz.class:?] at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:486) [MinecraftServer.class:?] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [?:1.8.0_212]
  6. Any help? The code seems to work but if there are some fixes for my code or any suggestion on how to change the spawn per chunk, spread them more in the chunk and generate my crops also near me and not far
  7. The problems are: 1) They are all together and I wanted, if possible, put them randomly in a chunk 2) The code up not work, never generate my crops or causes cascading worldgen lag 3) They spawn far from me (I always generate a new world). I don't want them within 2 blocks when creating a world just asking if it's normal
  8. @Override public void generate(Random random, int chunkX, int chunkZ, World world, IChunkGenerator chunkGenerator, IChunkProvider chunkProvider) { int spawnInChunks = random.nextInt(7) + 1; if (world.provider.getDimension() == 0) { for (int i = 0; i < spawnInChunks; i++) { int X = random.nextInt(16); int Z = random.nextInt(16); int Y = 0; BlockPos surface = world.getTopSolidOrLiquidBlock(new BlockPos(X, Y, Z)); BlockPos blockpos1 = surface.down(); if (world.isAirBlock(surface.up()) && world.provider.isSurfaceWorld() && (world.getBlockState(blockpos1).getBlock() == Blocks.GRASS || world.getBlockState(blockpos1).getBlock() == Blocks.DIRT)) { if (InitBlocks.RICE_CROP.canPlaceBlockAt(world, surface)) { world.setBlockState(blockpos1.north(), Blocks.WATER.getDefaultState(), 2); world.setBlockState(blockpos1, Blocks.FARMLAND.getDefaultState(), 2); world.setBlockState(surface, InitBlocks.RICE_CROP.getDefaultState().withProperty(RiceCrop.AGE, 7)); } } } } } Never found a crop in 5 mins, is there a way to generate them a bit more near the player and not 200+ blocks away? (I'm using IDE Minecraft with 10 render distance)
  9. I reply a bit late but I was trying. I know, I didn't add everything you said but I'm learning this world gen @Override public void generate(Random random, int chunkX, int chunkZ, World world, IChunkGenerator chunkGenerator, IChunkProvider chunkProvider) { if (world.provider.getDimension() == 0) { for (int i = 0; i < 64; i++) { int X = random.nextInt(16); int Z = random.nextInt(16); int Y = 0; System.out.println("1"); BlockPos surface = world.getTopSolidOrLiquidBlock(new BlockPos(X,Y, Z)); BlockPos blockpos1 = surface.down(); System.out.println("2"); System.out.println("Y: " + surface); if (world.isAirBlock(surface) && world.provider.isSurfaceWorld() && world.getBlockState(blockpos1).getBlock() == Blocks.GRASS || world.getBlockState(blockpos1).getBlock() == Blocks.DIRT) { System.out.println("3"); if (InitBlocks.RICE_CROP.canPlaceBlockAt(world, surface)) { System.out.println("4"); world.setBlockState(blockpos1, Blocks.FARMLAND.getDefaultState(), 2); System.out.println("Attemping to place a farmland at X: " + X + ", Y: " + Y + ", Z: " + Z); world.setBlockState(surface, InitBlocks.RICE_CROP.getDefaultState()); System.out.println("Attemping to place a rice crop at X: " + X + ", Y: " + Y + ", Z: " + Z); } } } } } This is my class now, I have spam of 1, 2 and "surface". Help me to solve. I don't want a solution or I won't learn it and next world gen I will get the same error This is my "surface" spam: Edit: Now "Work" but sometimes try to spawn at Y = 0 and spawn like 64 farmlands but I know why Edit 2: It attempts to spawn farmland and crop in water
  10. I'm making a little mod with food, armors and tools and I need to generate my crops inside my world. (Like Wild Crops) One should spawn only near water like sugar canes one randomly on a farmland block. I have already my seeds and crops but my WorldGen class for my crops is empty because I don't know where to start (Never did it). Can someone help me? Maybe without a full code but guiding me throw the generating. Thanks
  11. That's why if I wear an armor with a custom effect Minecraft crashes saying that the error is in the check line????? (No, keep crash) Thanks, I fixed it
  12. Hello guys, I was trying to create a "Revival" status effect with a debuff on it, basically, if you wear the armor it set your health to 0.5 (Half hearth), it adds a regen effect and it damages the armor this is my revival class: I tried to debug it with a send message with the random number (Sorry for the String "Danno: " but I'm Italian) and in chat it gives me random damage from 5 (min in config) to 13 (max in config) but the armor takes only a bit of damage and not full. Does player.inventory.damageArmor(randomDamage); make an addition of the random and does it as damage to armor pieces? Do I have to use something else? I want to damage all the armor with the random int given by the random and if I can ask how can I kill ( /kill {player} ) someone if he has the revival effect?
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