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  1. First of all, i don't know if it's the right category. And i know 1.7.10 is no more supported but i think there might be some people still coding in 1.7.10. What i want is "simple" to say but might be hard to code : I want a item that can break a specific block. Exemple : I can't break "Chocolate block" with my hands. I can break "Chocolate block" with my custom stick. I hope my demand is understandable. Sorry if my english not correct , i'm French.
  2. Hi ! I'm making a ressource pack with custom models, but in one of my custom model, the bottom of the block is transparent. I've read that the cause is "isOpaqueCube : true" , but i don't know how i can modify this in the .json file.. (Sorry for bad english) Thanks for reading. Have a great day. Scouloune.
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