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  1. Jes... i am a begginer and i just wanna start a amical server for my friends and me... i think i will give up... its more complicated that i expected. Thx guys, at least you tried. The only thing we can do to its that you see what i see (video).
  2. . My problem is just that the mod’s item dissapear! Other mods to thta dont need chutil. my server start, it good but just the mods are fucked up.
  3. Like ihave a i5 7200u, 940mx, 8 ram, did i ran a modded server for 2 players?
  4. Ok i will send a new debug log and i start my server by opening universal.jar and after minecraft server.jar
  5. ◉_◉ kill me... I am in 1.12.2! The 1.7.10 server was before you (diesieben07) said me that the 1.7.10 is not supported. And i am not lying, its you thats is lost in your mind (it can happend to everybody).
  6. No i change it because the 1.7.10 is not supported by this forum but the problem is the same.
  7. No i just change the name of the file (server 1.12.2) because it had my name. I change nothing else
  8. What debug log! I put one in one of my comments.
  9. Ok theres the folder of the servers: config, crash-reports debug librairy Logs MODS (Where i put the mods) Server world (there is more but they are notepad and .jar file
  10. I put them in the mods folder of the servers.
  11. No, i dont have multiple servers (i am new) i can upload screenshots it said error -200
  12. I installed the mods in the server! What can i do?! I put them in the mods files in the server’s files!
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