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  1. well ofcourse the client-server mod is better, but its not in mindcrack
  2. well, i dont care if you can see the recipie. it would be amazing if you could make a server side only mod since i would then be able to use it on my mindcrack server. i think most people need a server side only mod since most people run a ftb/dw20/mindcrack server and the other recipie remover mod doesnt work for all recipies.
  3. one more question. i sadly haven't been able to test the mod since both server and client need it, and i cant install it on my server because of that. i hope this gets fixed. anyway, does this remove mining lasers? i know most(all i know of) mods can't block em since they don't use regular crafting ways. being able to remove those would be the icing on my cake thanks for making this awesome mod.
  4. it would be amazing if you made a version with a config or without banning nano suits cause those are needed to make better armor
  5. Every single plug-in I've tried has give listed its commands, and given me all or most of the relevant text, but has not actually worked at all (no actual effect on game play). I'm not sure if there's something else I need to do, if I've lucked into pick a lot of incompatible plugins, gotten an outdated version of BukkitForge, or what. I just know that none of them work. So far I've tried LWC, EpicZones, some chunk-based protections, etc., (I haven't had a chance to test NetherBan). I've all but given up on this -- I wonder if there is anything better out there for Forge / Bukkit compatibility? Or keep looking for a fix? Or just give up on Bukkit plugins (or maybe on using mods in SMP)? I'm amazed that several people here seem to have gotten it to work. Im using LWC on my server and its working perfectly, essentials. buycraft, votifier, groupManager, and world edit all work perfectly. the only thing which still needs fixing for me is worldguard and to protect chunks use http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,3364.0.html. I dont know if you are experienced with bukkit, java and such, but for me i had to do very little to get this going. This is the ONLY Bukkit/Forge compatability mod for minecraft past 1.2.5 and it works great.
  6. i have been using the mod for 3 days now with a heavily modified mindcrack. no bugs and performance issues, very stable and all features seem to work perfectly! keep up the good work
  7. well if you have a prototype ready, il be more than happy to test it!
  8. you could make it so that if you are in a warm area, bees from forestry could use that temperature instead of the biome, and also some engines could take longer or shorter depending on the temperature to heat up. also those engines when heated up should output warmth.
  9. does this work with turtles, cause the ones i have seen dont.....
  10. ive noticed the netherportal thing as well, its not major if u you have a portal near, but if you dont, its really annoying. though i think keepcalm can fix it as allways! keep up the great work!
  11. I am trying to get this fixed by using the Events API that keepcalm extracted from the BukkitForge project, but as of now, I can't get it to work. i saw the post "Maxed Gaming Server tools" and although the mod isnt out yet he claims to be using the api so i guess you could try to contact him and maybe find out how he managed to make it work.
  12. seems like an amazing mod. i really hope this mod develops more and can become a standard on any server. i will definetly be using this mod!
  13. this cant be fixed right now. i suggest banning those 2 things for now. mining turtles and wand of excavation. mining lasers can destroy it as well, but ic2 uses different crafting ways so u cant ban it. u might also wanna ban portal guns since they can pick up items from protected land. //www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1475847-146-forgeirc-v1014-soul-shards-v126-and-recipe-remover-v11-updated-122013/page__st__400 is the link to the mod that allows you to ban items. hope this helps
  14. please make bukkitforge a dependeny. i use it already and i think most other people who use your mod use bukkitforge as well. blocking turtlus from destroying claimed chunks would be amazing and i really hope you can make that happen good luck with this amazing mod!
  15. sorry to bother you again, but group manager is not creating a config file or even a folder. hope you can help and keep up the good work
  16. i am having a bunch of problems. pex and lwc are not working at all. They load but when you try to use them they wont respond. i would post the console but it didnt get logged...... thanks for making this amazing mod and i hope you can help! ^^
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