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  1. The solution is buy other computer :c, thanks also, sorry the inconvenients!
  2. This is my pc. 3DChip is a software for update drivers...
  3. I was try that yesterday with 3Dchip, but i don't have success results xd, forge works correctly without optifine....
  4. I don't have video card.... Pls i need other solution ;-;, the drivers are updated in integrated card.
  5. That appears in the logs, but i don't use a VM xd. Maybe before first i have problems with video drivers, and i install a version of opengl32 manually.... I need a solution :c
  6. Optifine not found, i have minecraft forge 2795, and have optifine 1.12.2_HD_U_E3, but at start the game, this freeze on black screen. PD: Sorry my bad english :c latest.log
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