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  1. Yes: https://github.com/DaRealTurtyWurty/1.15-Tut-Mod/tree/master/src/main/java/com/turtywurty/tutorialmod
  2. Well I actually saw a github from 1.15 of a guy who makes tutorials, and tried to understand that, but I do not entirely.
  3. Uhm... Not that I remember ? What was it?
  4. what was the method to get the matching recipe?
  5. Ok so let's say that I know that 0 = input and 1 = output. What should I say in the method?
  6. So I shouldn't create a variable or anything, I just need to keep it in my mind?
  7. Like, each slot has an int assigned to it, right? I do not know which it is the input and which is the output
  8. But I don't have any input or output variables
  9. Yes but how do I check if it is the input slot. What number of slot is the input slot?
  10. I don't understand how would I do what you said
  11. Yep, the inventory variable is in the tile entity, and corresponds to the item handler class (SculptorItemHandler)
  12. The inventory variable is in the tile entity, not in the item handler
  13. But how do I tell it it is the input or the output?
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