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  1. Well now there's just 2 small problems left. I would like to understand better on how to create the 'cook' progress meter. My 'cook' progress meter isn't appearing at all. I have tried messing around with it for a little bit, and I've also tried comparing the furnace GUI class coordinates with where it is on the furnace GUI texture; but I just can't seem to figure it out at all. Actually nvm again, it turns out I just forget to add my 'totalFuseTime' case to my getField method. Don't know how I missed that. Well now the only problem I have left with my machine is that when rejoining the world when any of that machine is already placed down, they will automatically set their-selves facing north. Nvm a third time, I also just fixed that issue. Well, I just want to let everyone know who contributed to fixing the problems with my machine and the base of my mod, that I'm really grateful for it. I've had this idea of making a mod for Mc for a long time now, and whenever I make something that works in-game, I get this sense of accomplishment that makes me happy, and without people like you, none of this would probably have been possible. I know that I'm gonna encounter more problems along the way; but I just wanted to say, thank you all for helping me out.
  2. Now for some reason Minecraft is looking for my textures in it's domain: [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: The following texture errors were found. [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: ================================================== [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: DOMAIN minecraft [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: -------------------------------------------------- [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: domain minecraft is missing 2 textures [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: domain minecraft has 3 locations: [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: unknown resourcepack type net.minecraft.client.resources.DefaultResourcePack : Default [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: unknown resourcepack type net.minecraft.client.resources.LegacyV2Adapter : FMLFileResourcePack:Forge Mod Loader [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: unknown resourcepack type net.minecraft.client.resources.LegacyV2Adapter : FMLFileResourcePack:Minecraft Forge [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: ------------------------- [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: The missing resources for domain minecraft are: [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: textures/blocks/shard_fuser_top.png [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: textures/blocks/shard_fuser.png [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: ------------------------- [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: No other errors exist for domain minecraft [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: ================================================== [19:37:25] [main/ERROR] [FML.TEXTURE_ERRORS]: +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+= Nvm, just figured out why. My 'shard_fuser_active.json' for my model for some reason was using minecraft to find my shard fuser texture files. Probably did that on accident and never realised until now.
  3. Alright, so it turns out just redoing the entire check conditions was easier and was able to solve the problem; and now thanks to that, my machine finally functions properly! However, I still have a null block as my machines texture. A full null block as well, even though my machine isn't a full 6 sided block. It was fine before I started doing the tile entity stuff and so on; although I think it's because I also changed some stuff with facings in it's block class. I tried swapping the facing and active statements over; but that didn't fix it. I have looked at the error code in the log when loading the game; but I don't get what it wants me to do and where the problem exactly lies: I have tried searching for the solution elsewhere; but other peoples solutions didn't work for me. Again, here's my classes and their code: https://github.com/DistinctSoul/SoulForgery/tree/DistinctSoul-SoulForgery
  4. Alright, I believe I did that right as placing a hopper on any side of the machine, and then putting items into it, transfers the items into the input slots of the machine; though, I never actually tested what happened before as it never came across my mind. Now I need help trying to solve the main problem, getting the machine to actually work, I'm really clueless on this.
  5. Well I got the output and fuel slots properly working; but I don't quite get the wrapper stuff. I've never even heard of 'LazyOptional' before, and I've noticed that you're using 1.14. Will this code work for 1.12?
  6. But what about the fuel and output slots? Do I make them extend SlotItemHandler instead of Slot?
  7. So like this? private final TileEntityShardFuser tileShardFuser; private int fuseTime, totalFuseTime, chargeTime, currentChargeTime; public ContainerShardFuser(InventoryPlayer playerInventory, TileEntityShardFuser tileShardFuser) { this.tileShardFuser = tileShardFuser; this.addSlotToContainer(new Slot(tileShardFuser, 0, 56, 23)); this.addSlotToContainer(new Slot(tileShardFuser, 1, 56, 47)); this.addSlotToContainer(new SlotShardFuserFuel(tileShardFuser, 2, 17, 47)); this.addSlotToContainer(new SlotShardFuserOutput(playerInventory.player, tileShardFuser, 3, 118, 35)); However, now my 'new Slot"s come up with an error saying that they want to do something with IInventory.
  8. Can you explain that in layman's terms. I know like little to no Java lingo. I understand the first bit, just not the "Change your constructor to receive your TileEntity" part.
  9. So I tried getting some help from the furnace classes with the fuel and output slots; but now when I try and access the GUI of my machine, my game doesn't crash; however instead, nothing happens and I get an error saying about an unresolved compilation problem and that the constructor "ContainerShardFuser(InventoryPlayer, TileEntityShardFuser)" is undefined, which I don't know what that means. I'm also aware that there's errors with the textures of my machine, as it just appears as a null block atm; but I wanna focus on fixing this first (probably has something to do with my block not being an everyday 6 sided block. While the tutorial I was following and the furnace code is for a normal 6 sided block). Was looking fine before I started making the functions of the block. Here's the code for my mod: https://github.com/DistinctSoul/SoulForgery/tree/DistinctSoul-SoulForgery Or if you have signatures enabled, you can also find the code for my mod there.
  10. I apologise for the spam posts. When I was submitting the first one, I didn't think it actually posted because I couldn't see it appear and it told me to wait before I posted again. Then it turns out when I refreshed it appeared on a new page. Feel free to remove the duplicate posts, including this one.
  11. Alright, I've put the GitHub link to my mod in my signature. There you should be able to see what's wrong with my code.
  12. Alright, I've put the code of my mod in my signature. There you should be able to see what's wrong with my code.
  13. Alright, I've put the code of my mod in my signature. There you should be able to see what's wrong with my code.
  14. Alright, I've put the code of my mod in my signature. There you should be able to see what's wrong with my code.
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