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  1. When saving the alloy's attributes to the world's save folder, is there anything different/special than regular Java file 'management'?
  2. Not very surprised that items cannot be created post-initalization. So how would I go about adding the same item just with different attibutes into the creative menu? Would I create a static method in a AlloyHandler class that retrieves all the valid alloys present in the save's files?
  3. While I know Java pretty well, I am very new to modding. In my mod I want to add metallurgy. The fundamentals of the mod is creating new alloys through the use of a special crafting table. Each alloy has five attributes: strength, durability, resistance, density and weight. These could easily be set to int fields. But the problem I am running into is how I can create new items after everything has been initiliazed. Can I even do this? Would I just have to modify attributes of a base Alloy item? If it is possible, I would like to add it to the world's save. Is it possible to create a new folder alloys in each save, put JSON files into it and save the alloy's attributes within the JSON? This would have the benefit of the user being able to drag-and-drop their alloys into new worlds. It would also be nice to give the user the the ability to do: //give @s [modid]:[alloy_name], or at least //give @s [modid]:alloy 1 0 {type:[alloy_name]}. Anyways, thanks!
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