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  1. Just wanted to add a quick update to this. When hosting a LAN on my end, the above report comes up almost every time. When its a host that's not me, *Aka if my friend hosts instead*, I don't crash to main menu, it simply says "Unable to find npc". I'd like some help soon if possible, its been a few days.
  2. So me and my friend are playing with a self-selected list of 111 mods. Everything works properly and in order except for custom NPC's. We're playing on LAN, and as one is placed(an NPC), the non-hosts crash out of game. *Crashes to main menu, not CTD* I would like to include that I went to the FAQ first, and saw the thing about CustomNPC's and UniqueEntity ID's, tried that, placed one down while he/she was in game and they still crashed out of server. (Note they're able to safely place an NPC in singleplayer games without crashing. This only happens on LAN.) Here is the log fo
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