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  1. Im using the forge 144 build which has all my mods not conflicting. I log on to the server, the i stand there for a sec and freeze then black screen. Im not using the 4096fix like you said. Heres the report
  2. im new to forge which version is forge 138, im looking at the download section there is no "forge 138".
  3. do you recommend i get a different type of server like a bukkit server? is it harder to mod or use?
  4. So i have made my own minecraft server with forge(ive made servers many times before but this is first time with forge) and i had to test it before i bring my friends in. i Have 5 mods downloaded and installed. On the server screen everything is a-ok. But when i try to log in on my other computer (I have downloaded ssp forge) i log in and get a black screen or no terrain and im floating. All eventually leading to black screen and crashing. The server log says i logged in just fine and left by quitting. How do i get rid of this screen. Note that i have got no error messages from my server or my actual minecraft. Help greatly appreciated
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