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  1. Thanks, I'll go through all of that and post back here how it goes.
  2. Hi, I've dug around as much as I can regarding this, but having no luck. I'm attempting to change the spectral arrow effect/glow that surrounds a player. My current logic is this: Firstly assuming the scoreboard is set and the team color is correct. On RenderPlayerEvent.Pre we use: Minecraft.getMinecraft().world.getScoreboard().addPlayerToTeam(event.getEntity().getName(), teamNameGoesHere); event.getEntity().setGlowing(true); //At this point the player glows white. I can confirm at this stage the player does have the team I defined, and the team color is correct. What am I missing? I feel like it's a trivial issue or something I'm overlooking. But I'm really stuck Thank in advance for any input on the matter
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