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  1. I use a version of bukkit gave me a friend. I'm new on the forum. where can I find the version that you say?
  2. I know that site. I've been downloaded the railcraft folder from here but when I copy the .rar file in "serverfolder-->mods" and launch the start.bat this is the error message: I can not understand what is wrong. Forge is properly installed on the client Minecraft and server. But if I insert railcraft in the mods folder of my clients find the objects in the inventory of the mod but when I try to use one I disconnect from the server.
  3. Hello. I asked this question of the Italian sites (I'm Italian) to solve this problem but either did not know what to do or had no desire to explain. then I ask you to help me. I had problems getting railcraft on my server and I will not tell you about all the obstacles that I had. I just want someone to give me the correct link to railcraft and forge Minecraft (I use 1.2.5) for both the client and the server bukkit. or more simply you could give me a server with forge and railcraft installed. I then replace the folder "world" with my world =D
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