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  1. didnt know what to post so did the debug ones debug-2.log debug-3.log debug-4.log debug-5.log latest.log debug.log debug-1.log.gz
  2. done the steps, minecraft opens but it doenst respond also how do you get the logs?
  3. have jarfix and what installers?
  4. im using the minecraft launcher and i click play and it loads but nothing (minecraft) pops up
  5. done and installed then opened the launcher, clicked on the one that said 1.13.2-forge-25.0.121 - forge then 'play' but nothing happens
  6. im just using the regular minecraft launcher edit: just tried to download the installer again but chrome has blocked it
  7. im just using the regular minecraft launcher
  8. i've downloaded forge from the website (recommended vers.) and installed it and all that and then put it in the correct place in my minecraft folder then i've opened up the launcher and selected the forge thing and it says opening but nothing happens
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